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We also successfully defend our commercial clients in class action lawsuits to preserve their reputation and brand value.

Corporate Litigation

In today’s extremely competitive and complicated business market, where disputes can develop over a wide range of problems, business executives and in-house corporate counsel look to Sohi Law’s business litigation attorneys for astute legal advice on how to handle commercial and business strife.

Sohi Law, a highly regarded worldwide business litigation law company, has a well-earned reputation for regularly assessing risk and opportunity and considering options with the client. Sohi Law’s commercial litigation attorneys collaborate with industry experts in competition, intellectual property, real estate, securities, and other areas to provide a comprehensive solution, regardless of the nature of your corporate or commercial issue.

Our commercial litigation lawyers are recognised by Canadian and international business leaders for their ingenuity and success in resolving conflicts both inside and outside of the courts. We recognise that commercial and corporate litigation is not always the best option, so we assist clients in pursuing a variety of resolution options, such as early negotiated settlements and alternative dispute resolution approaches. If we go to court, our business litigation attorneys are prepared to aggressively represent our clients’ commercial interests in court.

Sohi Law, as a prominent Canadian corporate commercial litigation practise, assists clients in focusing on business growth by litigating and resolving contract disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, banking concerns, and/or bankruptcy and insolvency challenges. We also successfully defend commercial clients in class action cases, allowing them to maintain their reputation and brand value.

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