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Sohi Law provides exceptional legal assistance to corporate, franchise, and licence clients in a trustworthy manner, while developing long-term client relationships.

Franchises & Licenses

When it comes to the many legal and ethical difficulties that confront our clients’ business operations, we clarify the law surrounding franchisors, franchisees, and corporate clients in an easy-to-understand manner. We explore innovative methods to overcome impediments that could otherwise prevent the sale or purchase of a firm, or the resolution of a franchise or corporate dispute.


Franchisors must meet specific legislative standards when franchising. Several elements influence whether or not your business plan is a franchise system:

  • Have you given someone else the authority to run your firm in accordance with a rigorous system or marketing plan that you largely determine or control?
  • Is the company affiliated with a trademark or emblem that you own?
  • Do you require the other person to pay you a set of fees in order for you to operate?
  • Is there an agreement, whether spoken, inferred, or written?

If you replied yes to any of the preceding questions, your business connection will be a franchise.

Franchises are good company structures if you want to have complete control over how people run your business concept.

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