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At Sohi Law, we have a considerable amount of experience in trademark litigation.

Trade Name & Trademark Litigation

We have extensive experience in trademark litigation at Sohi Law. When you use us as your trademark agent, we will guide you through the full process, from application to registration in Canada and overseas. Through our network of overseas affiliates, we have experience supervising and administering customers’ global trademark portfolios. In international jurisdictions, we hire trademark agents.

Trademarks are valuable assets for any company. Trademarks allow customers to distinguish a firm’s products and services from others on the market and associate them with the company and its reputation. Whatever segment your company operates in, your marketplace will grow increasingly saturated over time, resulting in increased rivalry for trademarks.

Trademarks are words, designs, word-and-design combinations, and distinctive shapes or wrappings that differentiate your products and services. If you utilise your business name or trade name to identify your products and services from those of others, it may be registrable as a trademark. Registering your trademarks is a critical step since it allows you to better protect your brand from imitation or misuse. Because you spend so much time and money establishing your company name and logo, it’s critical that you protect them to prevent others from profiting from your intellectual property.

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